Sunday, July 25, 2010

Etsy Bitch Article

The Fall of Handmade on Etsy
Posted: 24 Jul 2010 07:56 PM PDT
So, we all know that resellers of mass-produced goods on Etsy has gotten out of hand. And many of us are aware of WHY that is. Etsy makes money from the longstanding resale shops and doesn't plan to ever give them the boot. Etsy is "not aware" of any resellers on the site, yet they coach resellers to be compliant, and now the question is "What exactly is 'legal' on Etsy?". Everything, basically! Quit Your Day Job and start selling the wholesale shit you can find on Alibaba and Tabao.

And don't forget the insane mark up! You win, Etsy wins, the buyer loses. It's all good.

There are several threads in the forums about this, some of which have been closed by admin. Rob White's thread, (it's a doozy) now closed.

And the "CEO", Rob Kalin came back from the dead here on page 8, also now closed. He quite obviously plays "stupid" in both of his posts. How fucking convenient.

Seriously? He might as well have just posted "I'm a fucktard and a sell out, and I've had better things to do with my time than write up your fucking roadmap. Didn't you know that was just another ploy to get you assholes off my back? Silly you for expecting so much from me and Etsy. Your problem, not mine. Now, run along, keep feeding us $0.20 and pay your fucking bills or we'll cut you."

Etsy sellers (at least the ones that are in the know) are in an uproar, some are closing shops, putting them in "vacation mode" and finding other outlets and venues that truly support handmade. Sure, resellers are EVERYWHERE these days, but at the very least, other handmade sites don't PROMOTE them! And, sadly, some sellers remain hopeful because they depend on the income Etsy provides, or they're just plain ignorant to what goes on.

And so, the dream of true handmade on Etsy continues to die a slow and painful death. People's dreams of making a living by working from home are being squashed with nary a concern from Etsy.

Next up: Etsy goes public, sells out yet again and/or becomes an eBay sister site. Or, the site totally "crashes and burns" in a great ball of fire. My money is on selling out again, but I certainly wouldn't complain if it were to crash and burn. I'll totally break out my marshmallows for that. In less than a fucking heartbeat.

And Etsy claims to actually be "working". I call bullfuckingshit. Still no coupon codes or batch edit. Hmmn.. Still taking in FVFs from those sellers that issue partial refunds for sales, I see. Non-paying buyers can STILL leave feedback, and items that haven't actually sold are still being removed from the shelves. Rifuckingdiculous.

Step aside, Etsy and let the other sites continue to pick up where you left off YEARS ago. One in particular seems to be doing a much better job, actually cares about their sellers success, well-being and sanity.

So FUCK YOU ETSY, and the horse you rode in on.

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