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;Newborn Necessities Checklist

Newborn necessities checklist
A master list for moms and dads

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Newborn necessities
Here's a checklist of what you should have on hand before your baby arrives.

Tooling around
_____Car seat.

Beds and linens
_____Crib mattress.
_____Bassinet/cradle (if you don't want to put your baby in a crib right away).
_____Two to three fitted crib sheets.
_____Four or more waffle-weave cotton receiving blankets for swaddling baby
_____Two mattress pads.
_____One to two waterproof liners (for crib or bassinet).

Diaper duty
_____Diapers. Disposables: One 40-count package of newborn (birth weight under 8 pounds) or of
size 1 (birth weight over 8 pounds). Cloth: Two to three dozen, plus six to 10 snap-on, waterproof
outer pants, and two to three sets of diaper pins, eight to 10 all-in-ones or diaper system covers;
two to three dozen diaper system inserts.
_____Diaper pail (with refills or bags as needed).
_____Diaper bag.

Dressing baby
_____Four sleeping outfits or one-piece sleepers with attached feet.
_____Six side-snap T-shirts.
_____Four to six one-piece undershirts that snap around the crotch.
_____A small baby cap (although the hospital will probably give you one).
_____Six pairs socks/booties.
_____Two to three soft, comfortable daytime outfits. Get only a few items in newborn size. Then, go for
clothing in the 6-month size--your baby will grow into it quickly. But don't buy baby sleepwear
that's too big--it's a safety hazard.
_____Cotton sweater or light jacket.

Summer babies
_____Brimmed hat.

Winter babies
_____Snowsuit with attached mittens or fold-over cuffs, or heavy bunting.
_____Heavy stroller blanket.
_____Warm knit hat.

Feeding time
If you're planning to breast-feed:
_____Three to five nursing bras.
_____A box of washable or disposable breast pads.
_____Breast pump if you expect to use one (manual or electric).
_____Four small baby bottles with newborn nipples for storing expressed breast milk.
_____Bottle-drying tree.
_____Bottle brush.
_____Insulated bottle holder for diaper bag (the hospital may give you one).
_____Three packs of cloth diapers or burp cloths.
If you're planning to bottle-feed:
_____Six 4- to 5-ounce bottles, plus nipples, rings, and a dishwasher basket if you use a dishwasher.

_____Plastic infant bathtub.
_____Three soft hooded towels.
_____Two packs of baby washcloths.
_____Baby body wash that doubles as shampoo.
_____Pair of blunt-tip scissors or baby-sized nail clippers.
_____Zinc-oxide-based diaper rash ointment.
_____Soft brush and comb.
_____Mild laundry detergent.

Medicine chest essentials
_____A pain-and-fever reducer recommended by your baby's doctor, such as Infant's Tylenol.
_____Cotton pads/swabs.
_____Nasal aspirator.
_____Digital rectal thermometer.
_____Rubbing alcohol.
_____Petroleum jelly.

Keeping baby happy

Extras: Nice but optional
_____Baby monitor.
_____Changing table.
_____A rocker or glider.
_____Sling or strap-on soft carrier.
_____Boppy, a doughnut-shape pillow designed to make holding baby during breastfeeding or
bottlefeeding easier.
_____Nursing coverup. Attaches at your neck and allows for private breastfeeding when you and your
baby are in public.
_____Infant swing.
_____Bouncy seat.

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